What you Need to know


Types of cannabis



– Mainly affects the mind

– Tall & skinny plant structure

– Uplifting &/or euphoric feelings


– Mainly affects the body

– Short & dense plant structure

– Heavy feeling &/or body melt


Becoming a Medical Marijuana Cardholder in Nevada



How to Obtain a MMJ card in Nevada

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Step 1. Fill out the attached document

Registry Request Form


Step 2:

Nevadans diagnosed with a chronic or debilitating medical condition as defined in NRS 453A.050 and seeking a registry identification card for the medical use of marijuana, please send a written request, along with a check or money order in the amount of $25, made payable to the Nevada Division of Public & Behavioral Health (DPBH).

Step 3:

When you receive your “application card kit” from the state, bring it with you to your Doctor appointment. Your Physician’s offices will be able to indicate if cannabis may be of medical benefit to you and if so, will make a formal recommendation. The “application card kit” must be completed & notarized, then mailed back to NDPBH for review & processing.

Step 4:

The NMMP will review your application to be sure it is complete and current. If it is not, you will receive an “incomplete letter” informing you which parts are missing. If it is complete and current you will receive a 30 day temporary approval letter while they will conduct a criminal background check on you (and your caregiver if applicable). This process usually takes somewhere between 5-15 business days.

Step 5:

After receiving your recommendation letter from the State of Nevada, please head down to your local DMV to obtain your Medical Marijuana Card ($11).

Step 6:

Come see us to get your medicine 🙂


You must follow nevada state laws

  • It’s illegal to consume cannabis in public areas.
  • It’s illegal to drive while impaired by cannabis.
  • It’s illegal to leave Nevada with any cannabis products.
  • It’s illegal to give or sell retail cannabis to minors.

Becoming a Patient

  • To become a medical marijuana patient in Nevada, a person must be diagnosed with a chronic or debilitating condition and reside in Nevada. Patients must register with the state to receive protection from prosecution and may otherwise assert an affirmative defense in court. Registered patients may legally possess up to 2.5 ounces in a single 14-day period which they must purchase through the state licensed distribution system of dispensaries.

Patient Details

  • Nevada allows for both adults & minors to become enrolled patients. The minor patient’s custodial parent or guardian must sign a “minor release” form in their application, and that custodial parent or guardian must act as the designated primary caregiver.

Access to Medical Marijuana

  • Patients may only legally obtain cannabis from dispensaries licensed by the state of Nevada.


  • Caregivers must apply through the state through a process similar to the one for patients. Caregivers for a minor must complete an additional form.


  • Cardholders from other states may purchase medical cannabis from a licensed Nevada dispensary providing they sign an State issued affidavit.


Know your limits

See the chart below to learn your edible tolerance.


New Consumer


Occasional Consumer


Frequent Consumer

Start with a low dose to avoid over consuming.

Edibles can take up to 2 hrs. or longer to take effect.

Do no mix with any other substances.

In the case of severe over consumption, contact the Nevada Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222.

Stay with friends who have overconsumed.