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Can you Fix Insomnia with Cannabis?

Bad news. Web searches for insomnia were up almost 60% in the first five months of 2020 alone, confirming that, yes, none of us are getting a decent night's sleep these days. We're having trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, dealing with poor quality of sleep, and ...

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TDNV Vendor Spotlight: CannaPunch

Last week, we kicked off a new series that spotlights all our fave cannabis vendors. First up was KYND Cannabis Company, and we’re back today with none other than CannaPunch. You may know them as the purveyors of the “original Colorado high,” but there's more to the brand than ...

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Here's What Really Affects Your Cannabis High

While individual expectations will vary, no one indulges in cannabis hoping for a bad time. So which factors set you up for a great experience — and which don't?  Whether you're going for something mellow and relaxing, energizing and productive, serious cerebral action, or a ...

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