Get Your Deals at The Dispensary!

Friday 8/12/22

3/$30 TWE/Kynd 1g Infused Prerolls

8/$50 All 1g Non Infused Prerolls

2/$35 SVC/Kanji 500mg Carts

$60 Stiiizy 1g Pods

1g/$15 22Red Wax

1g/$19 AMA/Baseline Wax

1g/$25 LIT/Tahoe Hydro Wax

2g/$30 Kanji/TWE Wax

5/$45 HE/Kanji/Cannapunch100mg Edibles

$10 Stiiizy Gummies

$69 1/2oz Kynd/Road Tripper/SVC/Silver State/The Real McCoy/Tahoe Hydro 3.5g

$59 1oz Mix N' Match 14g Shake Bags

$75 1/2oz Mix N' Match 7g Bags

Spend $80 Pre-Tax and Spin the Wheel of Weed (in store only)

Order at Decatur

Order at Eastern Express

Order at Henderson

Order at Reno