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The Dispensary Decatur

Monday 1/31/22

Flash Sales

$79 all 14G bags
$15 SVC/Kanji carts
$30 1G all wax (excl. glp/tsunami/trendi)
30% off glass/accessories
$15 all infused prerolls
$25 dutcheez packs

Daily Deals

BOGO Kynd Infused Pr

$8 all 1g PRs / $20 Huxton 5pk

$39 ALL 1g carts

$19 Tahoe Hydro carts

$20 SSC 500mg disp / 2/$20 SVC/Kanji Disp

$20/g Roar/Kanji/TWE wax

2/$25 Vert Bars

3/$40 Wylds

$89 Gold Tier 1/2oz Mix n Match / $79 1/2oz Silver Tier

$70 Top Shelf 1/4oz Mix n Match

$35 ALL 7G Bags

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The Dispensary Eastern

Monday 1/31/22

$35 All 7G Bags

$79 1/2oz Silver Tier

$89 Gold Tier 1/2oz Mix & Match

$70 Top Shelf 1/4oz Mix & Match

$15 HSH/The Bank Infused Prerolls

BOGO All 1G Non-Infused Prerolls

BOGO SVC/Kanji 500mg Vape Cartridges

$25 All Live Resin Vape Cartridges

3/$40 SVC/ Kanji 300mg Disposables

$25G Kanji/Mojo Wax  

$33G All Live Resin Wax (Excluding Tsunami)

$13.33 All Gummies

$14 Effex/Qualcan/Vert Edibles

Bogo All CBD

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The Dispensary Henderson

Monday 1/31/22


$15 | All 1g Infused Pre-roll

5/$40 | All 1g Non-infused Pre-rolls

$20 | Sacred Oils 500mg Cartridges

$20 | Verano 300mg Disposables

$30 | The Lab 500mg Cartridges

1g/$30 | Mojo & MPX Concentrates

$13.33 | Camino Edibles

$70 Top Shelf 1/4oz Mix n Match

$79 1/2oz Silver Tier Mix n Match

$89 Gold Tier 1/2oz Mix n Match

$35 All 7G Bags

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The Dispensary Reno

Monday 1/31/22

Flash Sales 

$12 Kynd Infused Prerolls
$15 SVC/Kanji Dispos
$10 All House Edibles
$30 All Moon Rocks 1g
20% Off All deliveries
Spend $60 get a THC Prerolls for a $1

Daily Deals

$15 Pure Extracts Infused Sugar Cone Prerolls

$7 All Non Infused Prerolls

$25 Dutcheez 2pk Hemp Blunts

$18 SVC/Kanji 500mg Cartridges

$25 TWE 500mg Sauce Cartridges

$35 Pheno Exotic 500mg Disposables

1g/$15 Kanji Wax

1g/$30 Tahoe Hydro Wax

$15 CANN/Wyld Edibles

$79 1/2oz Mix N' Match Silver Tier 3.5g

$89 1/2oz Mix N' Match Gold Tier 3.5g

$70 1/4oz Mix N' Match Top Tier 3.5g

$35 7g Bags

$39 1/2oz Shake Bags

(Spend $100 PRE-TAX and spin the Wheel of Weed! IN-STORE ONLY)

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