5 Tips For the Cannabis Edible Newbie

Cannabis edibles are great when you know how to enjoy them, but it's also true that many a cannabis experience that goes wrong starts with an innocent gummy. Edibles have been positioned as an entry-level cannabis product and consumption method, and it's kind of a head scratcher. If we're being honest, edibles can be tricky to dose, especially if you're new to cannabis. The good news is that you can still enjoy edibles without overdoing it, as long as you follow a few rules. Check out these five tips for the cannabis edible newbie.

follow the golden rule

Ah, the golden rule of cannabis edibles  start low and go slow. Learn it, and then live it, and you'll practically guarantee that every edible experience will go swimmingly. People predictably run into issues with edibles one of two ways  taking too much right out of the gate, or taking the right dose but then running out of patience when they don't feel anything in the first fifteen minutes. You have to play the long game when you're enjoying a cannabis edible, so start with a low dose  think five or ten milligrams — and then wait. Effects can take up to two hours to kick in, so settle in and see how it goes before you up the dose.

be clear about expectations

Ingesting an edible sets you up for a different experience than other methods of consumption. That's because the digestive process actually changes the composition of THC. In the liver, it's transformed into metabolites that are particularly adept at crossing the blood-brain barrier. And these buggers are potent. So while effects may take a while to kick in, they pack a serious punch once they finally do. That's why upping a dose before you feel initial effects can really sour what would otherwise be a great experience. Effects from an edible also tend to last much longer — somewhere between six and eight hours. However, individual metabolisms, how long it's been since you last ate, and how hydrated you are will also impact this timeframe.

Categorizing Edibles

There are lots of infused edibles to enjoy, but they can largely be grouped into two categories. You've got your infused chocolates, cookies, granolas, candies and other items that are designed to be eaten and then metabolized, and then you have the lollipops, hard candies, mints, gums, and tinctures that are designed to work sublingually. The second group will kick in much faster, but effects probably won't last as long.

Getting Started

No matter which edible appeals to you, do yourself a favor and buy it from a dispensary you trust. That way, you can talk to a budtender about tips and recommendations, and dosing info on the label will be far more precise. There's plenty of time for the homemade stuff once you learn more about your individual reaction to edibles and take that golden rule to heart.

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