Cannabis in the Bedroom — Yay or Nay?

With its uncanny ability to help you relax, cannabis seems like a great fit for horizontal action. But there’s actually some surprisingly contradictory information out there, and we can thank the federal cannabis prohibition that has hogtied researchers’ ability to study this amazing little plant for much-needed clarity and insight. Another hurdle? Sexual arousal is itself a complicated little phenomenon, because good sex means something different to just about everyone. That makes it tricky to study. Still, if you’re considering bringing cannabis into the bedroom, here’s what to know about potential pros and cons.

The Right Mindset

First, a quick qualifier — much of the limited research we do have about cannabis and sex is based on self-reported surveys. This isn’t information researchers can corroborate, so things like potency may be pretty inaccurate. What’s more, studies only show a correlation, not an explanation of why something might be happening. Finally, these are relatively small surveys. But while much of this is theoretical and anecdotal, it’s still interesting — and totally worth trying at home!

We can probably all agree that the best sexual experiences start with the right state of mind, and relaxation is key. Tension, stress and anxiety are serious libido killers, heightening distractions and worries that can rob you of the intimacy and enjoyment of the act. By reducing anxiety and promoting a relaxed mindset — just chilling out the mind — cannabis likely sets the stage for a much more enjoyable experience. Look for strains high in in limonene and myrcene, both of which have anti-anxiety and anti-depressive effects.

CBD in particular can enhance a neurotransmitter known as anandamide, which is associated with oxytocin — AKA, the cuddle hormone. By stimulating our natural neurotransmitters and endorphins, we might be setting ourselves up for a really great romp in the hay.

Setting the Stage

Getting our head in the right place is one thing, but prepping the body can be just as important. Good news — looks like cannabis can help that too. The reproductive organs are home to countless cannabinoid receptors, and a little cannabis can increase blood flow to sexual tissue and boost sensitivity, which just makes everything better.

Pro tip — if you’ve never used cannabis before getting busy, make the first experience a solo act. That way, you’ll know how you personally react to the combination and how it plays out in terms of your own arousal and orgasm. Then you can introduce the wild card of a partner.

Choose Wisely

If you’re totally on board with the idea of cannabis spicing things up, step two is figuring out the best method of consumption. Vaping will likely be your best bet, because you’ll have precise control over dosing and timing. Again, opt for a strain high in the right terpenes. Here are a few recommendations, but our budtenders are always on hand to make suggestions — so don’t be shy!


    • Blue Dream flower by Sugar Pine Co and carts from City Trees and Sun Vally Cannabis
    • Super Lemon Haze carts, also by Sun Valley Cannabis
    • Super Sour Diesel, carts by Matrix


    • G-13, carts by Trendi
    • Kosher Kush badder by AMA

Get any of all of these right this way.

Infused topicals can also be fun, but you may want to steer clear of edibles. They can be hard to dose and effects might take ages to kick in. Plus, there’s no guarantee that effects will hit you both at the right time.

With the right product at the right time, cannabis could mean a mind-blowing experience between the sheets. Just remember that consent is still king. Now be safe and have fun, you crazy kids.

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