Cannabis in the Summer

Yes, we're a little early with this post, but who else is already thinking summer?! After the insanity of 2020 and the country slowly reopening, we're more than ready to enjoy the warm weather and our favorite cannabis finds with good friends. But here's a little reminder - consuming cannabis during the summer is a little different when it's blazing (ha) outside. To get the most out of your experience and keep bad times at bay, here are a few tips for enjoying cannabis in the summer.

It Might lower your body temperature

One of those strange-but-potentially-true things about cannabis - it may actually help cool you down. Cannabis has a knack for helping to restore homeostasis in the body. Cannabinoids in your favorite vape, flower, or edible engage with your body's endocannabinoid system, influencing the hypothalamus and temperature regulation. Another theory suggests cannabinoids can make you feel more comfortable when it's excessively hot because of their ability to modulate sensations of pain and heat. Of course, it's still best to stay cool with lots of water and adequate shade, but it's kind of nice to know cannabis might also help.

Choose wisely

Not all cannabis products - we're looking at you, gummies, chocolates, and vapes - play nicely with hot weather. Don't run the risk of a melted mess or a malfunctioning vape cart. Instead, if you'll be heading outdoors in the heat, choose your cannabis products wisely. Tinctures and flower are a much safer bet.

safety first

Fun fact - both excessive heat and high-THC strains can make you faint! It doesn't happen to everyone, but it is a possibility. So keep your wits about you. Indulge wisely, heed local laws and regulations, and take it slowly. Staying hydrated, eating well, and rotating in some CBD are also good ideas.


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