Let’s Talk about Infused Pre-Rolls

You probably know all about pre-rolls, those consumer-ready joints that come ready to smoke. Hand-rolled joints have a lot going for them—discreet, disposable, easy to share—which means they’ve more than earned their place in the world of cannabis, but rolling your own isn’t something everyone wants to do. And that’s where the pre-roll comes in. But everything changes when you’re dealing with infused pre-rolls, so let’s talk it through.

A Bad Reputation

Fact—pre-rolls are not created equal. While these professionally-rolled sticks may look appealing, in some markets and from some cultivation and productions facilities, prerolls are little more than shake. Unfortunately, that means the category as a whole was hit with a reputation of inferiority, which isn’t always the case.

The good news is that all the pre-rolls offered here at The Dispensary are the good stuff, hand-rolled with premium flower and often heat-sealed to preserve freshness. That’s important, because the greater surface area in ground cannabis means a greater risk of oxidizing and drying out faster, which creates harsh but weak effects. It’s like ground coffee, which is going to dry out way faster than coffee beans. 

But wherever you go, you can play it safe by opting for the infused varieties of pre-rolls. These are blended with cannabis oil to create a much more potent product. You can find infused pre-rolls in all your favorite strains and in CBD and THC blends. Some brands, like KYND, mix their THC flower strains with CBD oil for a little beneficial boost, too.

Keep in mind, the biggest difference between infused and regular pre-rolls is potency. It’s quite the difference, so if you’re new to infused pre-rolls, follow the golden rule of cannabis—start low, and go slow.

Pro Tip

If you’re on the fence about a certain pre-roll, maybe because you’ve had a bad experience or you’re worried about wasting your money, we get it. While you can always ask a budtender at The Dispensary for a recommendation—something we highly encourage!—you can also try this. Buy a single pre-roll purely for research purposes. You can cut into it to inspect the interior, which should look like freshly ground nugs, or you can fire it up and pay close attention. If it stinks like a campfire or you’re noticing strong plant flavor, that pre-roll probably has trim in the mix, and you’ll know to avoid it next time.

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