Meet Your Budtenders

Anyone who’s been in a dispensary can tell you that the budtender can make or break the experience. At The Dispensary in Nevada, we’re all about people who know their stuff. Our budtenders are highly trained, good with people, and here to make your visit to The Dispensary as productive and enjoyable as possible. In a new series, we’re introducing all the folks behind the counter. And we’re starting with Victor and Nick from The Dispensary Henderson.

IMG_2496Meet Victor

Victor Nevarro is from Phoenix, but he’s been budtending at The Dispensary for the last two years. Don’t call him shy, but don’t call him wildly extroverted, either. Victor tells us that cannabis helps him talk with people and socialize more comfortably, and it was this positive personal experience that drew him to the industry. Plus, it’s just the ticket when he’s looking to relax and wind down.

Victor’s favorite part of the job is helping people find exactly what they need, and the job perks aren’t bad either. Budtenders occasionally receive products like balms and edibles to sample before we bring them to our customers, and Victor tells us he loves checking out potential products early. Hey Victor — we totally get it.

You can’t chat with a budtender without asking about favorite products and consumption methods. And ol’ Victor is a purist — he’s all about Indica strains and dense nugs.

People in the industry often have an interesting perspective on cannabis, and how quickly it’s become mainstream. Victor predicts that will only continue, with cannabis become more available and more widely used as time passes. We can’t argue with that.

IMG_2495Meet Nick

You might know Nick Mize by another name — “Cat Daddy” made his way to Vegas and The Dispensary by way of Illinois. And this kid has an altruistic streak a mile wide. He sincerely loves helping people. And because cannabis has been so helpful to him personally, he finds real enjoyment seeing others benefit in the same way from this amazing little plant. Pair that innate truth with the right training, and you have all the makings of a truly excellent budtender.

Nick is a personal fan of flower, and his go-to is Blackwater OG from KYND Cannabis Company. Kind of sensing a theme here…

As for where he thinks the industry’s heading, he likens The Dispensary in particular to… McDonalds. But bear with us, it’s actually a decent comparison! If you’re familiar with the movie “Founder,” this biographical drama is about the staggering rise of the ubiquitous fast-food chain. There’s a lot going on in that flick, but our best guess is that Nick sees a lot of similarities between the rapid growth of the fast-food giant and what's happening right here at The Dispensary. And it’s hard not to love that!

We’re heading back to The Dispensary to pin down all the budtenders you know and love. It’s kind of fun putting them on the spot about cannabis, go-to products, their perspective on the industry and its future. Maybe, if we have time, we’ll ask about their favorite customers too. Stay tuned!

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