TDNV Vendor Spotlight: TRENDI

First it was KYND Cannabis Company. Then it was CannaPunch. Now, we’re spotlighting that on-trend concentrate brand you know and love. Yep, we're talking about Nevada’s own TRENDI. 

young, and thriving

TRENDI may have only launched in 2020, but this brand is doing it right. Right out of the gate, the focus was on potency, reliability, and refined taste in cannabis concentrates, and TRENDI is already setting industry standards. This is a company making its name on modern innovation and superior technique. TRENDI was quick to partner with premium Nevada cultivators who stand out for potency and consistency. They prioritize a "quality in, quality out" approach to cultivation process, which is why they tapped brands like GLP, Virtue, Grower’s Circle, Reina, Nature’s Chemistry, and Meno Exotic. It's working out well.

TRENDI has another differentiator too. MTE, or microwave terpene extraction, is how the company extracts the most delicate, volatile terpenes for superior flavor and potency. It's one of the only Nevada companies using this technology, which is why you'll see some pretty exclusive terpenes on lab reports.

So, what stands out in the TRENDI line-up?

    • Disposable and carts. TRENDI's hardware and batteries feature top of the line C-Cell technology, which translates to excellent durability and an impressively low failure rate. Plus, the oil can reach over 95% THC! Both the disposables and cartridges are reliable, flavorful, and smoothly effective. In other words, they're pretty perfect.
    • Live resin badder. This is the star of TRENDI's portfolio, so your expectations should be high. If you love concentrates that really capture the essence of the flower, without sacrificing texture and profile, well, good news.

the award Winner

TRENDI was recognized twice in the 2020 Las Vegas Jack Here Cup, which is no small thing! The brand snagged Best Hybrid Vape Cart (Garlic Cookies live resin vape cart) and Best Sativa Concentrate (Ghost Train Haze live resin badder).

The brand was designed with the trendsetter and go-getter in mind. If you feel naked without a sleek, stylish vape in your pocket, or you really appreciate a first-class live resin dab, TRENDI is your brand.

Keep out of reach of children. For use only by adults 21 years of age and older.

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